Carolinians & Hampton
A Brief History of
Wade Hampton, III
South Carolina
Secession Convention
Red Shirts
Who Burned Columbia
The True Story
Ursuline Sister Batpista
Saves Hampton House
Varina Howell Davis
The First Lady of the Confederacy
The Battle of
Brandy Station
The Battle at Rummel Farm
The Battle of Trevilian Station
The Battle at Mary's Church The Battle at Sappony Church
The Great Beefsteak Raid
The Battle of Reamís Station The Battle of Peebles' Farm The Battle of
Monroe's Cross Roads
The Flags of Hampton's Legion Death to all Foragers
The Battle of Averasboro
The Carolinas Campaign
The Battle of Bentonville
The Carolinas Campaign
Johnston's Surrender
at Bennett Place, NC
The Prisoners of War
The Immortal
Point Look Out
Elmira Prison
New York
The Martyrs of War
Henry R. Wirz Sam Davis David Owen Dodd DeWitt S. Jobe

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