Pee Dee   Light   Artillery


Our mission is to accurately, positively and publicly portray, recreate, record, commemorate and memorialize the lives of South Carolina artillerymen during the period of the American War Between the States; especially with respect to their environment, appearance, morals, ethics, values, conduct, actions, skills, and accomplishments. We will work and cooperate to educate ourselves, our members, and the public as to the political, religious, cultural, economic, and military values, realities, attitudes and events of that time and place. We will teach by word and example in schools, at state and national historic sites, and elsewhere. We will make every effort to support the preservation of the surviving material culture of the war and period as well as the lands places and structures that played a role in that historic time.

We portray ...
Pee Dee Light Artillery, Battery "D", Pegram's Battery Resv. Arttillery
Jackson's 2nd Corp. Army of Northern Virginia (Confederate)
Galvanize as ...
Chicago Merchantile Artillery, Battery D, 1st Illinois US Artillery Reg.
17th Corps. Army of Ohio & Cumberland Gr.Ar.Rep. (Federal)