Pee Dee Rifiles /  Pee Dee Light  Artillery

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While at Suffolk during the fall of 1861, Colonel Gregg presented the Pee Dee Rifles with a flag made by Miss Louisa Mclntosh and "other ladies of Society Hill." With a 37" hoist and a 40" fly, its field was constructed from two pieces of dark blue silk sewn together horizontally. The obverse contained a gold painted crescent in the upper staff corner. There is a gold painted palmetto measuring 18" in height in the center of the field, with the date July 21, 1861, painted in black 3/4" letters and numerals across its 8"-wide base. Captions above and below the tree are in 2" gold block letters, shaded black low and right.
The reverse design simply consists of the inscription, PRESENTED .. TO .. THE PEE DEE RIFLES .. BY .. THE LADIES AT HOME .. 1861, in six lines, all of gold block letters, respectively 2", l", 2", 2", 2", and 2" high, with BY and 1861 in Roman uncial letters. The flag is edged on three sides with 1" gold metallic fringe.         [The flag is in fragmentary condition today, and is housed in the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room & Museum, Columbia, S.C.]